We always kind of thought Mike Sherman got the shaft when Ted Thompson axed him after one shitty season where half his team was injured, but that all worked out for the best… for us, anyway. We’re definitely sure Texas A&M did Thompson one better when they axed Sherman today.

The former Green Bay Packers head coach was pulling into the driveway of a potential recruit when athletic director Bill Byrne called to let him know his services would no longer be needed after a 6-6 season. Oh, and did we mention the university had already let that information leak to the media?

So Sherman’s family knew he was out before he did.


“I don’t feel like I deserved to be terminated,” Sherman said Friday. “I feel like the program is definitely headed in the right direction and I hope the next coach appreciates the opportunity he’s going to get to work with these players.”

“I think we’re better than that,” he said.

Sherman said Byrne gave no explanation for the firing and he didn’t ask him to provide one. The coach said that Byrne never told him anything during the season that made him believe he wouldn’t return.

Yeah, well, it turns out you’re the Minnesota Vikings of college football… or at least Texas A&M is.




Sherman was 25-25 in four seasons at A&M, so he wasn’t exactly setting the world on fire, but the team is moving to the SEC next season and, well, is there someone better to lead them than Sherman?

I guess we’ll see.

Fortunately, Sherman will receive $5.8  million as the buyout for his contract. That has to soften the blow a little bit.

Regardless of the fact that he has more money than we could ever spend on hookers and blow (allegedly), we do wish him well though.