Josh McCown

Apparently, the Chicago Bears have seen enough of Caleb Hanie.

The Bears, whose playoff hopes are on life support, will trot out Josh McCown at quarterback when the team faces the Green Bay Packers this week. The Bears picked McCown off the street in November and he was out of football in 2010, so this should go pretty well.

“I’ll tell you what, you can’t be anything but excited,” McCown said. “(Coach Lovie Smith) put that up there this morning about the oldest rivalry. To get to be a part of that in this atmosphere, I’m very excited. I’m very thankful. It’s a great opportunity to go play and have fun; to play on Christmas and all that. Absolutely it’s neat.”

That’s right. Dude actually said neat.

McCown replaced Hanie late in the Bears’ last debacle in Seattle. He threw two passes, completed one of them and threw a pick on the other.

Hanie, who took over when chief mouth breather Jay Cutler went down, managed three TDs and nine picks in four starts. Three of those picks came last week.