There are a lot of douchy Chicago Bears fans out there, but Glenn Timmerman is easily the runaway winner for the douchiest.

Timmerman likes the Bears and he also likes tattoos. Not only does he have the Bears logo tattooed on the back of his head, but his legs are covered with Bears tattoos and his back, chest and arms are covered with tattoos of players’ autographs.

Awesome, bra!

Then you’ve got this guy’s house. There are Chicago Bears lawn ornaments, you know, so everyone who can’t actually see this asshat knows he’s a huge Chicago Bears fan just by driving by. There are rooms in his home that look like the Chicago Bears threw up in them.

Oh, and there’s his car, which has a large Walter Payton logo on the front.

Does anyone doubt that this guy trolls around the local schools and tries to pick up little girls in his windowless van? Just look at that pederast mustache.

(Via With Leather)