Tramon Williams

There are a lot of things we could say about the Green Bay Packers eighth win of the season and, what the hell, we’ll say most of them, but the bottom line is the San Diego Chargers just aren’t that good.

The Chargers and Phil “My Vagina Hurts” Rivers had every opportunity to win Sunday’s contest, but they just couldn’t do it.

The Packers put up 45 points. Until the fourth quarter, the offense was more or less unstoppable, save for the sieve-like offensive line that let Aaron Rodgers get sacked four times and pressured into shitty plays numerous others. Certainly, we could sit here and nitpick — the offensive line played like shit — but the Packers put up 45 fucking points, so it’s hard to complain.

Those 45 points came courtesy of four Rodgers’ touchdowns — Jordy Nelson, James Jones, Greg Jennings and Jermichael Finley — two pick sixes — Tramon Williams and Charlie Peprah — and a Mason Crosby field goal.

If you didn’t know anything else about the game, you’d probably assume it was a Packers rout, but the Chargers managed to put up 38 points and had a shot to tie the game on their last drive. Of course, they were thwarted by Peprah’s second interception of the game.

Rivers threw three picks on the day. Again, based on that fact alone you’d think the Packers would have won by 20. Not the case.

While Rodgers & Co. were doing their thing, the Packers’ defense was doing theirs. That is to say, not a hell of a lot. If it weren’t for a few great individual plays, the Packers would have lost to the Chargers.

Certainly, Rivers had a say. Jimmy Walker’s lips could have intercepted the last pass he threw. Instead, Peprah nabbed it. I think we can safely say Rivers isn’t what he used to be.

Neither is the Packers defense, though. They can’t tackle, they get zero pressure on the quarterback most of the time and either no one communicates in the secondary or everyone is just inept.

We’re done bitching though. A win is a win.

The Packers win over the Chargers made a couple things abundantly clear, though.

They may be the best team in the NFL by a wide margin, but the Green Bay Packers are beatable. They’ll get beat on the day the defense doesn’t come up with those opportunistic turnovers. The unit as a whole is a joke.

Hopefully it won’t happen in the playoffs.