Those stupid bastards in Minnesota still can’t figure out how to get their shitty football team a new stadium to play in when their lease expires at the Metrodome at the end of the year and, well, they’re getting desperate.

So what do they do? They put together this video suggesting that if the Minnesota Vikings relocate, Minnesota will become Green Bay Packers country. Oh, and they also suggest that would be terrible probably because of all the winning and stuff.

It totally makes sense. People from Minnesota are idiot bandwagon jumpers and would need something to do on Sundays other than fuck sheep, so they’d have to adopt some sort of football team if the Vikings leave.

Frankly, this is a problem for the Packers. We don’t want your stupid, inbred, mouth-breathing fuckface fans. They’ll make us look bad and they’ll lower our collective football IQ.

Get your shit together and build that goddam stadium already! You’re not welcome among Green Bay Packers fans.