That’s what the Green Bay Packers do — make Minnesota Vikings fans cry.

After Monday night’s throttling, Vikings fans were, well, nowhere to be found. We suspected many of them were draping ropes over beams in their barns… after they finished fucking their sheep. We suspected others were drinking themselves into oblivion before coming on to their sister. Some were probably crying uncontrollably.

The latter is what happened here… to a little girl. Is it funny? We’ll let you be the judge.

We will, however, say this. One day, you know she’ll be a full-grown Vikings fan, yelling nonsense in your ear, proclaiming her average team is the greatest thing since sliced bread and generally being an insufferable bitch.

Of course, right now, she’s just a cute little girl who’s sad. We feel for her — mostly for having parents content to set her up for a lifetime of low expectations, missed opportunities and all-around mediocrity.

In other words, here’s a portrait of every Minnesota Vikings fan after Monday’s game. At least, that 20 percent that wasn’t working the drive-thru window at McDonald’s during the game.

Oh, and for the record — yes, we were trying to get a reaction out of you. We’re going to guess 90 percent of Minnesota Vikings fans didn’t even bother to read this far. We’re also going to bet that will be reflected in the comments.


(Via Shutdown Corner)