Jordy Nelson

Check it out. That dude's white!

Or something like that…

Receiver Jordy Nelson is having a breakout season with 34 receptions, 633 yards and seven touchdowns. The last two are career highs.

A couple members of the Green Bay Packers were discussing Nelson this week and more or less said he’s good because he’s white.

“I was talking to ‘Wood’ in the fourth quarter and he said, ‘When you see Jordy out there, you think, “Oh well, he’s a white wide receiver. He won’t be very athletic.” But Jordy sort of breaks all those stereotypes,’” quarterback Aaron Rodgers said. “I am not sure why he keeps sneaking up on guys.”

Receiver Greg Jennings agrees.

“They underestimate him. And honestly, he uses that to his advantage,” Jennings said Wednesday afternoon. “Seriously … a lot of it has to do with the fact that guys look at him and say, ‘OK, he’s the white guy, he can’t be that good.’ Well, he is that good, he’s proven to be that good and it’s because of the work and the time that he’s put in – not only on the field but in his preparation off the field.”

This brings me to two thoughts.

First, way to let the cat out of the bag. Second, the Packers need more white receivers.

Do you think Jeff Query is available?