Greg Jennings

Look, we’ve been fucking drunk for the past two days, so we’ll apologize for not writing about these dicks sooner.

We’ve been sitting here all week hearing about how the Green Bay Packers were going to be tested for the first time all season when they rolled into Detroit to play the Lions. The Lions are good this season. They have seven wins, a potent offense and one of the game’s best defensive players in Ndamukong Suh.

None of that shit made any difference on Thursday. The Green Bay Packers went in and played like the best team in the NFL, which they are, and dominated the upstart Detroit Lions from the get go in a showcase game. At the end, the Packers left with a 27-15 win.

The Lions are not quite ready for prime time. In addition to Matthew Stafford throwing three interceptions, Suh showed the Lions’ true colors by blatantly kicking Even Dietrich-Smith out of frustration and getting thrown out of the game. That was probably the most surprising development.

The Packers offense did their thing. Aaron Rodgers threw for 307 and two touchdowns. James Jones showed up with a 65-yard touchdown and 94 yards total and Greg Jennings bounced back from an off week by catching five balls for 74 yards and a touchdown. The Packers also shut down Megatron, Calvin Johnson, the Lions’ biggest weapon. Johnson caught only four balls for 49 yards.

In prime time, the Packers showed up. The Lions didn’t.

Too bad.