Christian Ponder

Go get 'em son!

The Minnesota Vikings are 1-5 right now. They’ll be starting rookie quarterback Christian Ponder when the 6-0 Green Bay Packers roll into Minneapolis on Sunday. They have a better shot at getting the No. 1 draft choice than winning the NFC North, but they’re not giving up on the season.

At least according to coach Leslie Frazier.

“It does not mean that I’m giving up on the season or our coaching staff. We’re not giving up on the 2011 season,” Frazier said, referring to his decision to start Ponder this week. “The decision was made purely based on what would give us the best chance to win on Sunday. That’s why the decision was made. I didn’t feel or sense that staying status quo was going to get us a win on Sunday.”

That’s right, guys. Get out there, take your beating and collect those checks!

Ponder is taking over for Donovan McNabb, who has been a complete failure as the Vikings starting quarterback. He’s not alone, though. Other than running back Adrian Peterson and defensive end Jared Allen, no one on the Vikings is playing at a high level.

We wonder how much longer they’ll bother to care.