Packers throwback uniforms

The Green Bay Packers will break out their 1929 throwback uniforms for their game against the St. Louis Rams this weekend.

That means the blue jerseys with the yellow circle containing the player’s number, the brown helmets and tan pants. The unis were originally worn when the team was the Acme Packers and the brown helmets are a nod to the leather helmets players wore then.

While some people love them and others hate them, the players seem to be among the former group. It’s not for any aesthetic reason, either.

Apparently, the tan pants are more comfortable than the Packers’ regular pants.

“I tell you what, and you’ll probably hear this from other guys, but the pants we have are the most comfortable pants,” Aaron Rodgers said.

“I’ve been looking forward to this game all year because of those pants. Those brown pants are so comfortable.”

Other players had similar things to say.

As for Rodgers, now that he’s comfortable, he should easily be able to throw for 500 yards and five touchdowns against a Rams secondary that’s missing their top three cornerbacks.

The Packers wore the uniforms against San Francisco last season. They won 34-17.