Jay Cutler

Not a Mike Martz fan.

Guess who’s not real good this season?

The Chicago Bears.

It looks like frustrations are starting to boil over, too.

Quarterback Jay Cutler told offensive coordinator Mike Martz to fuck off during the game on Sunday. The incident caused the local media to question Cutler’s leadership.

Now, linebacker Lance Briggs says there’s a rift between the players and management.

“In the past, things have just worked themselves out. I think there’s a big transition going on right now in Chicago,” Briggs told CSNChicago.com this week. “The players and the management are not seeing eye-to-eye on a lot of different issues and a lot of different player’s situations. I don’t know where it’s going to go and how it’s going to pan out.”

Does this surprise us?

No. General manager Jerry Angelo is an idiot.

The real question is whether the Bears will finally implode.