Aaron Rodgers

Frankly, we’re a little slow on the draw on this one — the full episode aired on The Golf Channel on Tuesday night.

Hell, we’ve got shit to do though — being awesome, handling broads, pounding whiskey, etc. You know, the shit that you wish you were doing.

Anyway, we wanted to share this with you. This is Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who’s an avid golfer, getting interviewed by Playing Lessons‘¬†Brandel Chamblee.

As much as I was unimpressed with Chamblee’s questions — i.e. Brett Favre is so awesome, tell me what you learned from him, it must be so much! — I was more impressed with Rodgers’ answers.

As always, he handles everything with humility and aplomb.

That’s why he’s the fuckin’ man.