Monty: Best team in the league vs. one of the worst? No contest.

The St. Louis Rams have a nice, young quarterback in Sam Bradford, but they’re one of the most injury-riddled teams in the NFL. Their top three cornerbacks are out and their offensive line is a wreck.

Bradford will be lucky if he doesn’t get killed and the Rams will be lucky if they get out of Green Bay without giving up 50.

Packers 52, Rams 17

Sarah: The league’s best team hosts the league’s worst team this weekend.

If that doesn’t sum up how Sunday’s match-up between the Green Bay Packers and St. Louis Rams is bound to go, I don’t know what will.

Aaron Rodgers & Co. are rolling with the league’s best offense. The team has punted an average of just three times per game in the first five contests, and has led its two home games by a combined 35-10 after the first quarter. Rodgers is on track for an MVP season, becoming the first quarterback ever to start a season with a rating over 100 in each of the first five games.

The Rams’ only chance may lie in running back Steven Jackson, but….oh wait, Green Bay has the league’s No. 3 rushing defense, allowing just 75 yards per game, so never mind.

Perhaps the spotty secondary? Surprisingly, a check of the latest stats shows Green Bay’s defense is leading the NFC with 10 interceptions on the season. And remember, the Rams have Sam Bradford at QB. SAM BRADFORD.

This should be a bloodbath, no contest.

Packers 42, Rams 10

Shawn: This is pretty simple.

I have no idea how the Rams are going to score on the Packers, and I have no idea how they are going to stop the Packers from scoring.

The Rams are coming off their bye, which did give them some extra time to prepare, but that’s sort of like getting an extra week to think about your upcoming execution.

Maybe the Rams coaching staff can come up with an offensive and defensive game plan that has some early success, like Carolina was able to do. Unfortunately, that would still leave the rest of the game.

Another downside for the Rams is that the Packers didn’t play particularly well last week. That means the opponent doesn’t really matter. The Packers just need to focus on playing better football.

This is the easiest game left on the Packers’ schedule. They need to win it and hopefully win it easily.

I’m hoping to see the running game get going and the defense continue to improve. Of course, you expect the normal from Rodgers and the passing game.

Packers 38, Rams 13