Casey Matthews

So much for [intlink id=”1668″ type=”category”]Casey Matthews[/intlink] turning into his older brother… at least for now.

A week after being moved from middle linebacker to weak side linebacker, the younger Matthews has been benched by the [intlink id=”374″ type=”category”]Philadelphia Eagles[/intlink].

He’ll be replaced in the starting lineup by Brian Rolle, who, like Matthews, is also a rookie.

Matthews, a fourth-round pick, had been in the Eagles’ starting lineup since training camp, but has been a target of opposing offenses. He was beaten by the Giants Brandon Jacobs for a 40-yard touchdown last week.

“Obviously it doesn’t happen often – going in, especially drafted in the fourth round, and starting right off the bat,” Matthews said. “That was an opportunity to learn and take reps.”

The Eagles are 1-2 and in last place in the NFC East.

So much for the “dream team.”

Maybe instead of signing every name free agent they could find, the Eagles should have brought in a couple linebackers with experience.