Nick Barnett

The [intlink id=”509″ type=”category”]Buffalo Bills[/intlink] are off to a 3-0 start and a guy most of us had forgotten about is drinking the Kool-Aid, talking about Buffalo like it’s the greatest place in the NFL to play.

We’re talking, of course, about outspoken former Green Bay Packers linebacker [intlink id=”139″ type=”category”]Nick Barnett[/intlink].

Barnett told NFL Network Buffalo has the best atmosphere in the NFL.

“There’s no other atmosphere like this, I don’t think, around. Green Bay is very close. We’ve got some great fans here, though,” Barnett said.

Not that we’d expect him to say anything but good things about the city he’s currently playing in, but Barnett delivered the comment unprompted. He wasn’t asked which fans or atmosphere is better.

We’ll let you draw your own conclusions.

Barnett has 29 tackles and a forced fumble on the season.