Mike McCarthy

Don't mess with this pretty mug!

Green Bay Packers coach [intlink id=”67″ type=”category”]Mike McCarthy[/intlink] isn’t happy.

The reason he’s angry isn’t because of anything he’s seen on the field, though.


He’s pissed off because his makeup looked bad in the NFL Films production America’s Game, which tells the story of last season’s Packers. McCarthy said he looks like an idiot.

“That was the first thing Jessica said. I was like, ‘[Expletive.]’ It was the same gal that used to do it for the TV show,” McCarthy said. “I even asked her. ‘Are you sure this looks OK?’ She just kept adding it – you’re in there for four hours, you know – and it pisses me off. Because look at me. I look like an idiot. I hated it. It was terrible.”

McCarthy even goes out of his way to tell Jason Wilde to mention it in his story.

“Put that in there for she reads it. ‘Hey, what did you think of America’s Game?’ ‘I think the makeup was awful.’ That was the first thing my wife said to me. She said, ‘Aaron and Charles were great, but who did your makeup?’ It didn’t feel right, that’s for sure. It felt like I had paint on. Or clay. It was bad.”

Classy move.

Who knew a fat, ugly bastard could be so vain?

Also a good teaching point for you team — always let your emotions get the best of you and be sure to point out other people’s failures publicly.

It will really teach them a lesson.

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