James Starks

Starks leads the team in rushing.

No one in Green Bay has made it official and we don’t expect anyone to, but it’s clear [intlink id=”1038″ type=”category”]James Starks[/intlink] is the Green Bay Packers No. 1 running back, regardless of who plays the first snap of the game.

While Starks and [intlink id=”64″ type=”category”]Ryan Grant[/intlink] continue to get a similar amount of touches, Starks is spending a lot more time on the field.

By Jason Wilde’s count, Starks played 37 snaps against Carolina and Grant played 16. Even though the Packers aren’t handing either back the ball very much, it’s a good sign the coaching staff likes Starks a lot better as a receiver.

There was some question coming into the season whether Starks could adequately handle blitz pickups. He’s missed a couple assignments, but appears to be progressing in that area.

On the season, Starks has 21 rushes for 142 yards and three receptions for 30 yards. Grant has 15 carries for 65 yards and four receptions for 19 yards.