Nick Collins

Collins career is in jeopardy.

Green Bay Packers safety [intlink id=”162″ type=”category”]Nick Collins[/intlink] underwent neck surgery this week and the prognosis for continuing his playing career is cloudy, at best.

Collins, who was hurt against the [intlink id=”249″ type=”category”]Carolina Panthers[/intlink], had a vertebrae fused. It will take six months to before doctors can determine if Collins can resume his playing career.

“He felt good about everything,” Collins’ agent Alan Herman said. “He felt it went well. The point that was made was the you don’t know until six months down the road. You see how the healing process goes.

“You can’t gauge what will happen, whether there will be any narrowing with the (spinal) canal or remaining tissue. That will be the determining factor as far as his career. It’s all based on the healing process.”

One thing is for sure — Collins wants to continue playing football.

He wouldn’t have needed the surgery if he planned on retiring. However, there’s no chance he could play again without it.

[intlink id=”196″ type=”category”]Indianapolis Colts[/intlink] quarterback Peyton Manning had the same surgery prior to the season. He isn’t expected to be able to play again until December at the earliest.