I’m gonna be honest.

I haven’t always had the highest opinion of the cops. Suffice it to say, our interactions have rarely been positive.

However, I went to school with a guy who’s not only cool as fuck, but also basically pretends he doesn’t know what a complete degenerate I am. And this is good, since he’s a cop.

It’s kind of one of those unspoken understandings only two cats who grew up together can have.

Every time I visit Green Bay, he doesn’t arrest me. In turn, I show him a good time and we have some laughs.

To the point — you’ve probably heard about the Green Bay Police and perhaps the Brown County Sheriff’s Department getting badges that have the Green Bay Packers logo on them. They also say Super Bowl XLV Champions.

A little civic pride.

So, next time you get arrested, at least you’ll know whether to talk about the Packers while you’re being tossed in the back of the squad.

Anyway, I asked about said badges when I heard about them. I said, send me some pics of you doing some ninja shit or pulling your gun on someone (so long as you’re wearing your aviators while you’re doing it) with your fucking awesome new badge on.

He declined… but he did one better.

Today, I got this in the mail.

It’s not a badge, and frankly I have no idea what it is, but it is this — fucking awesome!

It has to be an eighth of an inch thick. It’s solid as hell and it’s damn well put together. On the flip, there’s a Brown County Sheriff logo and the words “Office of the Sheriff, EST. 1818” in the circle.

Come Sunday, I will be tattooing this motherfucker on Bears fans’ foreheads.

Thank you, brother! Above and beyond!

And props to the sheriff’s department for putting such a killer piece together!

The next time I get arrested by you, I promise not to be such a dick.