Gabe Carimi
When I first saw this at Busted Coverage I said, “Please be from Chicago Bears’ camp!”

It is.

Then, I said, “Please be Gabe Carimi!”


The former Wisconsin Badgers tackle is now a member of the [intlink id=”13″ type=”category”]Chicago Bears[/intlink]. He’s also the guy who swore off the Packers when he was picked by the Bears, which more or less erases his time as a Badger from our memory.

So, have at it. The best caption will get something from the Total Packers swag room. We don’t know what, but it will surely be awesome.

For the record, the actual caption of the photo was: Bears’ first-round draft choice Gabe Carimi exits a portable bathroom during the middle of practice.

What in the hell was he doing in the can in the middle of practice? Was Kristin Cavallari in there?