Nick Collins

Nick Collins: Jay Cutler is easy.

Hey, we’ve been saying it for some time and Green Bay Packers safety [intlink id=”162″ type=”category”]Nick Collins[/intlink] agrees: [intlink id=”13″ type=”category”]Chicago Bears[/intlink] quarterback [intlink id=”405″ type=”category”]Jay Cutler[/intlink] stinks.

Actually, Collins didn’t utter the exact words, but he did convey the message. During an appearance on Colin Cowherd’s radio show Tuesday morning, Cowherd asked Collins’ opinion on who the toughest quarterback in the NFL is to face.

Collins said Tom Brady and rattled off several characteristics of a great quarterback.

Then Cowherd followed with, “By the way, who’s the easiest? Who really stinks, Nick?”

“You know, I’ve had my fair share against Jay Cutler,” Collins said.

Cowherd, probably surprised he got an answer, prodded Collins.

“But he’s still a good quarterback,” Collins said. “I take nothing away from Jay, but at the end of the day, I do get a good read on him on certain plays, so I’ll say Jay.”

So there you go, Nick Collins thinks Jay Cutler sucks.

That should stoke the fire of the rivalry a little bit.