Greg Jennings

Jennings has a new hobby.

Green Bay Packers receiver [intlink id=”138″ type=”category”]Greg Jennings[/intlink] seems to have a budding acting career.

Jennings landed a bit role on the CBS drama Criminal Minds last year, but recently got something more meaty to sink his teeth into — a featured role on USA’s Royal Pains.

The role won’t make anyone confuse Jennings with Marlon Brando — he’s playing himself as a football coach, but the script was actually written for him.

The Packers leading receiver was on location in New York in May for four days shooting the episode, which apparently went swimmingly. The experience has Jennings considering a post-football future as a thespian.

“I’m definitely trying to get in to it,” Jennings said. “I definitely want to do some acting down the road.

“But it’s like with ‘Criminal Minds,’ they kind of stroked my ego: ‘You’re doing awesome, Greg.’ And that was all great to hear, but until I saw it, I didn’t believe any of it.

“So I hope I did a good job and it wasn’t all talk. This will give me a good gauge on where I am and where I can go with this.”

Royal Pains’ season begins June 29.