Fuzzy Thurston

Can't escape the long arm of the law.

Former Green Bay Packers guard Fuzzy Thurston has some money problems.

They’re the stupid kind of money problems, too. Fuzzy thought he could beat the taxman.

Fuzzy, not surprisingly, was mistaken.

The Fuzz owes $1.7 million in back taxes and he’s apparently been battling the government for 28 years. So, the government seized Thurston’s Super Bowl II ring, along with some other memorabilia to help settle the debt. The items will be auctioned in August.

Of course, Packers fans were quick to spring to action when they heard Thurston was in trouble. And no, they didn’t do the logical thing — try to raise money.

Instead, you get the Save Fuzzy Thurston Facebook page, which is asking people to petition president Barack Obama to pardon Thurston.



First of all, that pud is a [intlink id=”13″ type=”category”]Chicago Bears[/intlink] fan. Second of all… well, you’re not that stupid, so I don’t need to get into the probability of a presidential pardon being granted to a tax cheat.

Fans should be happy Thurston somehow managed to hide his Super Bowl I ring, as well as his 1958, 1961, 1962 and 1965 NFL Championship rings from authorities.

A court order called for the sale of all the rings.

The items that will be auctioned will hardly put a dent in Thurston’s tax debt and it looks like he may be able to keep the rings authorities couldn’t find (providing, as we assume, he knows where they are).

Frankly, that doesn’t seem fair to me regardless of what I think about him as a football player.

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