Christian Ponder

This is the Vikings' savior.

It case you couldn’t hear the groans coming from the west, the [intlink id=”35″ type=”category”]Minnesota Vikings[/intlink] selected Florida State quarterback Christian Ponder with the No. 12 overall pick in the [intlink id=”1476″ type=”category”]2011 NFL Draft[/intlink].

Some might say the pick was a reach, and I’d be one of those people, but the Vikings were desperate for a young quarterback and quarterbacks were quickly disappearing at that point in the draft. Gone were Cam Newton (No. 1), Jake Locker (No. 8) and Blaine Gabbert (No. 10).

So, the Vikings, being the band of idiots that they are, grabbed Ponder, despite him almost universally being ranked as a second-round talent, at best — Ponder was the lowest-rated first-rounder on’s board.

Now, Vikings coach Leslie Frazier, who may have taken the shit-for-brains baton from former coach [intlink id=”66″ type=”category”]Brad Childress[/intlink], says he wants Ponder to start in week one.

“Ideally, I’d like for him to be ready to go when we play San Diego (on Sept. 11),” Frazier said.

“That would be the ideal situation — we’ve got our Matt Ryan, we’ve got our (Joe) Flacco, we’ve got our (Mark) Sanchez right here.”

All three quarterbacks Frazier mentioned started in week one of their rookie seasons. All three of those quarterbacks were also highly-touted first-round prospects, not desperation picks.

Looks like this will be another fun season watching the Green Bay Packers kick the Minnesota Vikings around like the good-for-nothing assholes they are.