Joe Webb

Verbiage is not his strong suit.

We all know that collection of sheep fuckers, pedophiles, stalkers and Taser bait known as the [intlink id=”35″ type=”category”]Minnesota Vikings[/intlink] aren’t the smartest bunch.

Oh, that’s right, they canned the pedophile. Nonetheless, the Vikings offense last season under coach [intlink id=”66″ type=”category”]Brad Childress[/intlink] and offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell was often too complex for the morons running it.

Enter new coach [intlink id=”1342″ type=”category”]Leslie Frazier[/intlink] and offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave, a pair of brainiacs who’ve been able to dumb things down a bit more appropriately (we suspect by no design of their own). Second-year quarterback Joe Webb, who will likely sit behind rookie Christian Ponder, says things have gotten, uh… simpler under Musgrave.

“The verbiage is a lot shorter. With Coach Musgrave’s, it allows you to play fast. You just call at the most three, four words and you have a whole play. It just allows you to not worry about calling the play but worry about executing the play,” Webb said.

“Last year I was more worried about getting the play called right in the huddle so everyone knew what to do. It also affected my game on the field.”

Webb, like most members of the Vikings, reads at a third-grade level, so verbiage isn’t his strong suit. In fact, words in general confuse most of the team.

Now that Musgrave has consulted Designing An Offense For Dummies, the Vikings should be in a lot better shape.

We certainly don’t want anyone’s head to explode because it needs to process information.