Kennan: Whoops!

Despite a previous report to the contrary, the Green Bay Packers have not cut their coaches’ salaries.

Several clubs around the league have or will cut their assistant coaches salaries from 20-50 percent because of the lockout. The Packers were named as one of two teams that had already done so.

The guy who said the Packers cut salaries, NFL Coaches Association director Larry Kennan, admitted he made a mistake and apologized for it.

“That information I provided was incorrect,” Kennan said today. “I called them and apologized, and want to get the record set straight. The Packers have not withheld any pay and have no plans to do so.”

So there you go.

It’s business as usual in Green Bay, at least for the coaching staff. Well… at least for a coaching staff who can’t coach any players.