We’ll be honest.

We thought it would be a cold day in hell or a warm day in Green Bay, before the newest Lingerie Football League franchise, the Green Bay Chill, trotted out anything interesting.

I mean, Wisconsin isn’t exactly known for its ample supply of beautiful women (those who read this blog regularly being among the exceptions to the rule).

Much to our delight, we were way off base.

The Chill introduced two lovely ladies, along with one really large man — head coach [intlink id=”565″ type=”category”]Gilbert Brown[/intlink], to the media earlier this week.

Anne Erler is The Chill’s quarterback and Jennifer Dennison will play running back.

What do we know about these ladies?

Not much, other than Erler went to high school in Pulaski and graduated in 2004.

Anyway, here’s video from the Press-Gazette, where their assholes are probably puckered too tight to be into something like this.

If anyone knows any of these players and wants to fill us in, please contact us through the contact tab above.

The Chill season opens August 26 against the Minnesota Valkyrie.