Ashlynn Brooke

Not just a pretty face.

We’ve got a sexy little treat for you this fine Friday morning — one of our favorite Green Bay Packers fans, Ashlynn Brooke.

If you’re unfamiliar with Ashlynn or her work, get over to Google or just click the link above to check out her site. I will warn you, it’s decidedly unsafe for both work and your wife’s judging eyes, though.

Although she was born in Oklahoma and loves the Sooners, Brooke grew up a Packers fan, which is really only part of the reason she’s awesome. She’s also gorgeous, sweet and has made an adult film or two.

We’re not superficial, though, so we decided to talk to her about the Packers… mostly. Did I mention she can analyze football?

So, for people who don’t know the story, tell us why you’re a Packers fan.
I watched the draft for the first time in 1991, when I was almost six years old. That’s the year our boy Brett [Favre] was drafted 33rd overall. I followed him to the Packers after his short stint with Atlanta. That led me to really love the legacy and history of the Packers. It’s outstanding!

Do you ever get sick of explaining that story?
[Laughs] Not really. It’s kind of like one of my children. You never get tired of answering the same question about something you’re proud of!!

Who is your favorite player?
I have two. Of course, Bart Starr. I obviously didn’t watch him live in his prime, but he continues to support the team and lives up to his reputation as a champion. Second, Brett Favre. Despite his disloyalty to the organization and fans, he’s a damn good player! There are a few guys on the team now that are becoming favorites, too. How can you make a Packer girl pick just one?

Okay, unfair question. And we’ll forgive you for the Brett Favre comment. How did you feel during last season’s Super Bowl run?
Proud. Just proud. The odds were against them and they worked their butts off. For the team — they can truly reap the rewards of accomplishment. For the fans — we were inspired. I watched the game at our friends house with wine and a ton of cheese. When they won, my daughter was asleep on my chest, but I was crying tears of joy and screaming on the inside.

How do you feel about the Packers’ draft this season?
I’m happy with the picks. I think I’m most excited about [tight end] D.J. Williams from Arkansas. He seems like he has the skills to fit in nicely with an already well-rounded team.

So, we know you retired from performing. What are you up to these days?
I’m living the good life — relaxing and feeling very fortunate to have such a special life and the ability to stay with my daughter all the time. That’s truly my biggest accomplishment.

The list of performers who’ve retired and returned is long. Do you ever see yourself getting in front of the camera again?
Never. The level of importance of the decision I made is incredible. I’m so much happier and I’m happy to move on.

What was the highlight of your career in adult?
Instead of it being one certain moment, I think it was the amount of freedom I had to be expressive and creative. That, and the opportunities to travel, do cool photo shoots, etc.

I know everybody asks this and the question is a bore, but how did your parents feel about your porn career?
Eh… none too thrilled. I’m thankful to have an accepting family, though.

Give us the one must-see Ashlynn Brooke movie
My Plaything: Ashlynn Brooke

Don’t trip over yourselves rushing to the video store, gentlemen… Okay, we also know you’re now married. Here’s the big question — who the hell is this lucky bastard?
[Laughs] I’m the lucky one. He’s a great guy!

We’ll call this the public service portion of the interview. For our readers who might be somewhat socially challenged or a hair short of handsome, what does it take to pick up a woman of your caliber?
It’s all about confidence. If you’re sure of yourself and true to that persona, then women will respect that. That, and a sense of humor.

Okay, back to the Packers. Have you ever been to a game?
I’ve been to two, but my most memorable was Nov. 15, 2009 against Dallas. It was my first trip to Lambeau Field.

What was the most memorable Packers game you’ve ever seen?
That’s a tough one. Raincheck!

Besides yourself, who’s the hottest Packers fan?
That’s sweet, thank you. I don’t know, maybe Jessica Szohr…

For the record, that was the correct answer. Have you ever worn cheese on your head or any other body part?
Of course on my head!

I wasn’t implying… they make foam cheese for other parts… nevermind. Aaron Rodgers or Brett Favre?
Ay yi yi… Rodgers. Or Favre. Or Aaron… maybe Brett? That’s hard for me, man!

Okay, we know you’re a Favre sympathizer. Speaking of, how do you feel about how he treated the organization?
I don’t think I was as in the loop about his departure as those who lived close to the action. I wasn’t aware of all the facts, and I’m still not. I can say, though, I was surprised he wanted to play anywhere else. It was kind of rude of him to fake retire to get out of the organization. That’s the way it seemed to me, anyway.

What are your thoughts on Minnesota Vikings fans and Chicago Bears fans?
I’m sure they’re all very… nice. Bad taste, but nice.

Tactful! Okay, last one. Big question to test your loyalty. As a Sooners fan, which of these scenarios would you prefer? Oklahoma loses in the national championship game and the Packers win the Super Bowl OR Oklahoma wins the national title and the Packers lose in the Super Bowl.
Wow! Trying to get me in trouble here! Ummm, okay, so in a perfect world they would both win. Maybe they could just trade off years to win. Nooo, that wouldn’t work. Okay… seriously, I can’t chose.

Okay, no problem. You’re still cool with us.

Until next time…