Mike McCarthy

No Bill Belichick.

ESPN continued their NFL power ranking series with the coach rankings.

So where is this year’s Super Bowl winning coach?

The Green Bay Packers’ [intlink id=”67″ type=”category”]Mike McCarthy[/intlink] came in fourth.

Leading the way was the New England Patriots’ Bill Belichick and his three Super Bowl wins. No argument here.

Belichick was followed by the [intlink id=”386″ type=”category”]Pittsburgh Steelers[/intlink]’ Mike Tomlin, who has one Super Bowl win, and the [intlink id=”374″ type=”category”]Philadelphia Eagles[/intlink]’ Andy Reid, who has… uh… zero Super Bowl wins. The [intlink id=”234″ type=”category”]New Orleans Saints[/intlink]’ Sean Payton followed McCarthy.

Belichick was a unanimous selection, collecting all the first-place votes. The rest was a little closer, though.

Only six points separated Tomlin and McCarthy. Only one separated Reid from Tomlin.

Obviously, football writers have a high opinion of Reid even though he’s never won the big game.

As for McCarthy, I wouldn’t even have put him on this list a year ago. You can’t argue with the results, but we’ve been over the multitude of boneheaded decisions he made in 2010, especially early in the season.

Those are all but mostly forgotten now, though.