You’ll probably remember when we posted that photo of our man Aaron Rodgers in Hawaii with some blond broad, last week.

Yup, the one with the tramp stamp.

Well, it turns out someone has identified her.

Terez Owens says the chick is Destiny Newton and the Green Bay Packers main man has been seeing her for about a month. That’s right, the Jessica Szohr thing is over and she’s now free to date me!

I’m not really a sloppy seconds kinda guy, but I’ll make an exception in this case.

Anyway, Larry Brown Sports dug up some more dirt on Destiny, who’s from Rodgers’ hometown of Chico.

As of last year, Newton was bartending in Pacific Beach in San Diego claiming she had moved there about three years earlier. In her interview with Pacific San Diego Magazine, she said she was going to school for communications in addition to bartending. Destiny also has asister named Shawntel who competed on Season 15 of The Bachelor.

More importantly, here are more photos of Destiny who, minus the tramp stamp, is pretty hot. In fact, she looks eerily like a chick I banged, but I digress…

Click on the photo to see others in the respective galleries.

Aaron Rodgers and Destiny Newton