Aaron Kampman

Kampman netted the Packers a fourth-round pick.

The Green Bay Packers got something for [intlink id=”175″ type=”category”]Aaron Kampman[/intlink] after all.

The Packers received a fourth-round compensatory pick for losing Kampman in free agency last year.

The NFL doles out draft picks for teams who lose more free agents than they sign and everyone knows the Packers don’t sign anyone, so the loss of Kampman, who signed with the [intlink id=”281″ type=”category”]Jacksonville Jaguars[/intlink], landed them a pretty decent draft pick. The pick is at the end of the fourth round, No. 131 overall and the third-highest pick awarded.

The NFL uses some top-secret formula based on salary, playing time and postseason honors to determine compensatory picks.

The [intlink id=”249″ type=”category”]Carolina Panthers[/intlink], who lost Julius Peppers and A.J. Feely and signed no one, have the highest compensatory pick at No. 97. The [intlink id=”199″ type=”category”]Tennessee Titans[/intlink], who lost Alge Crumpler and Kyle Vanden Bosch and signed Jason Babin, were awarded the 130th pick.

For the full list of compensatory picks, click the link.