Roger Goodell

Goodell and the boys will give it one more day.

The NFL and NFLPA have agreed to try to hash out a new collective bargaining agreement for at least one more day.

With the current CBA expiring at 11 p.m. CT tonight, a lockout was expected, which would eliminate any contact between players and teams, bar players from team facilities, and result in salary cuts for regular team employees.

However, there’s at least a little hope a deal will be struck before anyone resorts to drastic measures and the NFL offseason will go on somewhat as planned. Aaron Wilson reports the 24-hour extension could lead to a longer extension.

The negotiations haven’t gone anywhere for months, but on Tuesday a federal judge ruled the NFL’s broadcast contracts for 2011 illegal, which gave the players quite a bit of leverage. Now, the owners have the impetus to get a deal done sooner, rather than later.

If a lockout does happen, the union is expected to sue the league for antitrust violations.

This is a good sign, albeit a minor one.