Jenn Sterger

Will not disappear from the public consciousness.

You know I can never resist the opportunity to gaze upon Jenn Sterger’s breasts, so I was uber excited when I found out she finally sued someone.

Unfortunately, it’s not the someone you think. No, the statute of limitations has run out on Sterger’s chance to sue [intlink id=”41″ type=”category”]Brett Favre[/intlink].

Instead, she’s decided to sue Phil Reese.

If you’re saying to yourself, “Self, that name sounds vaguely familiar,” that’s because it should. Reese was Sterger’s “manager” and the moron prancing around issuing statements and giving interviews on Sterger’s behalf during the Great Brett Favre Cock Text investigation of 2010.

What is she suing him for?

Well, the elusive and infamous “Sterger materials.”

WTF are the Sterger materials, you ask?

Initially I thought it was a reference to her lady bits, as in, “I’d really like to get balls deep in the Sterger materials!”

That didn’t make much sense, although I’d totally go balls deep on that.

Anyway, here’s what Deadspin’s resident decoder of lawsuits, Barry Petchesky, says.

Sterger is alleging two things: first, that she turned over to Reese all the text messages, emails and voicemails from Favre. At the time, she says, she was “working in consultation with her attorney regarding potential legal issues arising from the Favre story.” Since Reese had hired the lawyer, she gave Reese the “Sterger Materials.” Now she no longer wants him representing her, but he has refused to return the materials.

Here’s where it gets awesome.

Sterger and Reese created a corporation in January for the purpose of pursuing a book deal about Favre and his tiny penis. The corporation was called Game Of Inches.


Later, Sterger decided against writing a book and tried to sever ties with Reese, but he allegedly continued to tell people he was her manager and is considering writing his own book.

The suit was essentially filed in an attempt to stop Reese from profiting from their relationship.

You’ve not heard the last of Jenn Sterger by a long shot, goddam it!