Underwood always up to no good!

The case involving Green Bay Packers defensive back [intlink id=”442″ type=”category”]Brandon Underwood[/intlink] has finally been resolved.

Underwood pleaded no contest to one count of prostitution after initially being accused of sexual assault by two gold-digging whores, last June. He appeared in Sauk County Circuit Court Wednesday, was found guilty and fined $379.

The police department refused to comment on the matter, which happened after Clay Matthews’ golf tournament in Lake Delton.

Underwood was initially accused of assault by two women, which lead to an investigation in which six Packers, in addition to Underwood, were interviewed by police. It was later revealed that while money changed hands for sexual services, there was no real crime.

The investigation, however, dragged on and charges apparently didn’t come until after the season.

On the field, Underwood started strong in training camp, only to see himself fall down the depth chart at cornerback, until he was eventually moved to safety late in the year. He played 12 games for the Packers in 2010 and recorded 10 tackles.

I wonder how his wife feels about all of this.