Don't do it, Weez!

You know you love Lil’ Wayne’s tribute to the Green Bay Packers, “Green and Yellow.”

Weezy penned the ditty for his favorite football team during the Packers’ Super Bowl run, remixing¬†Wiz Khalifa’s “Black and Yellow.”

Well, the Baylor women’s basketball team, whose colors are green and gold, loves the song too and they’ve adopted it in some form, as their own. Now, they’re begging Lil’ Wayne to do a version for them.

“He wasn’t speaking to us, but he should,” Brooklyn Pope said. “Lil’ Wayne should make a Baylor song. We have Brittney Griner on our team, that’s pretty entertaining in itself.”

Yeah, I’ll be honest.

There’s nothing even remotely entertaining about women’s basketball. In fact, I consider women’s basketball an affront to sports in general.

Watching women plod around a basketball court, hoisting up ugly-looking shots, trying to jump, looking the exact opposite of feminine and generally running into each other like a bunch of drunken sailors on shore leave is a disgrace to a game that’s synonymous with athleticism, skill and grace.

That being said, I’m all for women doing whatever they want. If they want to ruin basketball, they should go right ahead and do it if it makes them happy. You’d have to strap me down in a chair and prop by eyelids open Alex DeLarge-style for me to watch it, though.

So, ladies, go ahead and sully my second-favorite sport, but leave my damn “Green and Yellow” alone, please.