Jim Schwartz

Schwartz almost has the Lions back to respectability.

The [intlink id=”126″ type=”category”]Detroit Lions[/intlink] actually looked like an NFL team in 2010, two seasons after going 0-16 and nine years after former team president Matt Millen began his single-handed demolition of the organization.

After starting 2-10, the Lions reeled off four consecutive victories to finish 6-10. Now there’s discussion the Lions could be considered for a prime-time slot when the new schedule is announced.

The Lions haven’t appeared in prime time since 2005. They haven’t been on Monday Night Football since 2001. The possibility that changes in 2011 has Lions coach Jim Schwartz pretty excited.

“If we play Monday, I’ll say we’re jacked as hell,” Schwartz said.

“The goal isn’t to get prime-time games. The goal is to win the game, regardless of when they play them. I mean, I got enough to worry about without worrying about when we’re playing our games and stuff like that. I think that, with success, comes that, but we’re not at the point where we need to be worrying about when we’re playing. We need to be prepared for it, but we don’t even know what the schedule is.”

The Green Bay Packers have appeared on Monday Night Football 12 times since the Lions’ last appearance.

Baby steps, Detroit. Baby steps.

(Via National Football Post)