Brett Favre

Favre will be back… eventually.

I’m not really sure how this sits with me, but we all knew it was inevitable.

Green Bay Packers president Mark Murphy said the organization is saving a spot for Brett Favre.

Although it isn’t likely to happen tomorrow, the Packers are going to kiss and make up with Favre eventually.

“Yeah, at the appropriate time, we’ll reach out to him,” Murphy said. “And I envision he’ll come back into the fold.”

“Yeah we want to make sure it’s the right time for him,” said Murphy, who added the team had not yet officially reached out to Favre.

I don’t need to tell you what we think of Favre and the way the end of his career played out, but the Packers have to retire his number at some point.

Favre is one of the greatest Green Bay Packers of all time.

He’s also a Minnesota Viking and, outside of retiring No. 4, I don’t think it’s necessary to do anything else for someone who played for that despicable organization.