Guest Post
Brett Favre, Aaron Rodgers

Time to kiss some ass, huh Brett?

In case you didn’t know it already, Brett Favre is a walking contradiction.

Hours after filing his retirement papers with the NFL, Old Man Favre is already trying to make amends with the Green Bay Packers, telling ESPN’s Ed Werder in an e-mail he thinks Aaron Rodgers is the league’s best quarterback and the Packers’ receiving corps may be the best ever. He also made a Super Bowl prediction.

“I think they will win it all! I hope they do, if you are wondering,” Favre said.

Um, actually no, Brett. We weren’t wondering. And we really don’t care. At least not yet.

I’ve always felt like the child of divorced parents in the whole Favre debacle. Who to believe? Who do you love more?? Who can get me the shiniest present or make me feel the best?

This is giving me flashbacks, when I want to focus on this awesome Packers team, and how badly they’re going to kick the Chicago Bears’ ass this weekend.

And oh yeah. Remember when Favre told Julius Peppers to beat the Packers after the Vikings-Bears game on Dec. 20? I do.

So stay out of it for now, Brett. Your ass-kissing can start post-Super Bowl.