Colin Cowherd

Wow! Who knew?!

I’ve never had an issue with ESPN Radio and television personality Colin Cowherd until recently, but that’s mostly because I stopped listening to anything he had to say several years ago.

Back then, I often listened to his morning radio show and I sometimes found him insightful and always felt he called it as he saw it, which I respected. Then his ego began to inflate and his bluster became a little bit too much to handle, so I tuned out.

I’ve since been informed that he seems to have some sort of vendetta out for Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Basically, it boiled down to the fact Cowherd didn’t feel Rodgers deserved all the praise he received because he hadn’t won a playoff game. That’s fine, but Cowherd has gone as far as saying he’d take a guy like New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez over Rodgers because Sanchez has won a playoff game.

That, of course, is the talk of a fool — someone who’s just saying something to be controversial, which I have little respect for.

Well, Rodgers won his first playoff game, last Sunday, so I guess now Cowherd will have to figure out some other reason to bag on him. What did Cowherd have to say about the win?

I don’t know and I don’t care. Cowherd’s opinion doesn’t matter.

Colin Cowherd is the new Skip Bayless — someone who talks just to hear his own voice and disagrees just to be contrarian.

Fuck Colin Cowherd.

I won’t bore you by going on further, mostly because someone already said everything that needs to be said. On Monday, The Big Lead published an open letter to Colin Cowherd from Packers fan Ryan Cortes.

My favorite part is this.

All season, you’ve said not only hasn’t Rodgers ever won a playoff game, but that you’d rather have Mark Sanchez and Ben Roethlisberger and Matt Ryan. Next week, Rodgers gets to play your beloved Matt Ryan.

And so, Colin, to you, I say:

Matt Ryan? Matty Ice? Mr. 19-1 at home? No playoff wins. Win a playoff game.

That’s the grand finale.

Do yourself a favor and read the full article.

Oh, and Colin Cowherd, piss off you ignorant cunt.