The last time the Packers wore their home uniforms, well… they won then too.

There seemed to be some question.

Which uniforms will the Green Bay Packers wear in the Super Bowl?

The Packers had the choice as the home team, which is determined not by record, but by a rotation between the NFC and AFC. This is the NFC’s year to be the home team.

The Packers will wear their green home uniforms.

Some speculated the Packers would wear their white away uniforms since they won three playoff away games in those duds. Apparently, the team isn’t that supertitious.

Coach Mike McCarthy said the greens are the team’s preferred uniform.

“We’re excited about that,” he said.

Superstition nor anything else has derailed the Packers thus far, so we’ll trust the decision.

The Pittsburgh Steelers will be relegated to their white away unis.