Jay Cutler

Bring it on, Chicago.

By the time the Green Bay Packers play the Chicago Bears on Sunday for the NFC Championship, you’re going to be sick of hearing about the Green Bay Packers playing the Chicago Bears for the NFC Championship.

The Packers and Bears have only met once in the playoffs — in 1941, a Bears’ win. Of course, they’ve played each other more times in the regular season than any two teams, but both teams have only made the playoffs in the same year four times.

Obviously, when you throw all that together, it makes Sunday’s game a pretty big deal.

The Bears throttled the Seattle Seahawks Sunday — a foregone conclusion around these parts — to set up what can easily be called a dream matchup for the NFL. Word is, executives at Fox, which will televise the game, have been walking around with boners since the Bears’ victory.

All that being said, hype is bullshit.

We’re not going to give you a bunch of hype. Firstly, we know you’re smarter than that. Secondly, that’s what the assholes on Sportscenter are for.

The bottom line is this — the Packers win, the Packers go to the Super Bowl.

We all know who the better team is. If that team takes care of business and doesn’t do something stupid like, I don’t know, commit 18 penalties, they’ll win. And you just may see my ass in Dallas.

The Packers are early three-point favorites.