Remember when he had less hair? Strange how that grew back.

Jeremy Piven, of Entourage fame, doesn’t like anything about this year’s Super Bowl matchup.

Piven was looking for a New York Jets-Chicago Bears game for, who knows why. Probably because he sucks.

There honestly couldn’t have been a shittier Super Bowl matchup than that.

Anyway, Piven voiced his displeasure over the Green Bay Packers-Pittsburgh Steelers tilt by saying, “Now it’s Rapist-Berger and the cheeseheads. Cheesy Rape Burger.”

Mmmmmm… cheesy rape burger…

In case you’ve been under a rock all season, Rapist-Berger is a reference to Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, who has twice been accused of rape, but never charged.

Funny, we always thought the correct term was Rapelisberger.