Jay Cutler

My vagina hurts.

How does your starting quarterback not finish the NFC Championship game?

Ask the Chicago Bears.

Jay Cutler left the NFC Championship game in the third quarter with what turned out to be a sprained MCL. He then stood and watched the rest of the game from the sideline.

You’d think they would have had to scrape him off the field with a shovel in order for him not to finish a such a big game.

Nope. Not Jay Cutler.

A few NFL players called a spade a spade on Twitter.

Here’s a sample.

@ddockett (Darnell Dockett – Cardinals DT) “If I’m on chicago team jay cutler has to wait till me and the team shower get dressed and leave before he comes in the locker room!

@DBrooks55 (Derrick Brooks – former Buccaneers LB) “BEARS fans I am so SORRY, I have to be crawling and cant get up to come off field,Josh Freeman would not come out, MEDS ARE AVAILABLE