This will make your taint hurt, but it will also make you laugh.


Because it’s stupidest piece of crap you’ll see all week.

That’s right. We’ve got more fan-composed music videos for you, but this one comes from Chicago, where they love Bears kick returner Devin Hester. Hence the title of this flaming pile, Hest Is the Best.

There are several things to take note of.

1. The fat bastard singing this song, who’s funny all by himself utters some line about how Hester is faster than you and me. Yeah, he’s probably faster than me, but he’s definitely faster than you. Also, note the badass air guitar solo at the beginning. Bad-fucking-ass, bro!

2. The two weirdos, especially the cracked-out broad, on either side of fat bastard jamming to this awesome jam by slapping footballs between their hands. I wonder how excited they’d be if something cool actually happened? Give that broad a Xanax!

3. The dude on stage who is presumably the other voice in this production isn’t doing anything other than putting a microphone in front of his mouth, uttering some nonsense and channeling Michael Jackson. Good job on that dance, bro!

4. The drummer isn’t playing along with the recording at all, especially toward the end. I keep waiting for him to break out a drum solo while the song is playing.

The Super Bowl Shuffle, this is not.

(Via With Leather)