It’s like any jerk who sings a song about the Green Bay Packers and posts a video on YouTube can get some space on this blog… yeah, that’s pretty much the case.

I’m kidding. It either has to be something that’s unintentionally funny or has to be something I figure someone might find cool.

Aaron Rodgers Rock & Roll is an example of the former. Higher Education’s Feelin’ So Fly Like A Cheesehead, which — and I am not shitting you here — I’ve been told is gaining some notoriety around Wisconsin, is an example of the latter.

So, here’s a little more Packers music by someone named J Byrd, who looks like he’s 12 and either has a great producer or someone else rapping most of his lyrics. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t know too many 12-year-olds whose voices sound quite this, uh…. polished.

Anyway, I give you Green and Yellow by J Byrd.

For my money, I’ll still take We Go Green Bay.