Okay, so we just got a box full of Green Bay Packers gear from 180s and guess what?

We’re going to give it all away to thank you for reading.

First, this is the swag you can win.

Green Bay Packers ear warmers:

These are the kind of ear warmers that wrap around the back of your head, so you don’t look like a tool wearing ear warmers. They’re adjustable and they retail for $35. We have the adult size, which will fit any normal-sized adult head, but will probably not fit your kid’s head.

Green Bay Packers gloves:

These are fleece gloves, but what’s really cool is they have Tec Touch fabric pods on the inside, so you can operate your iPod, phone, etc., without taking your gloves off. I imagine that will come in handy in Wisconsin. The other cool thing they have is Exhale technology, which allows you blow into your gloves to warm your hands or cool them if they get too warm without taking the gloves off. These also retail for $35. We have size large, so make sure your hands are big or you know someone who has big hands.

Here’s what you need to do to win.

Simply tell us, in the comments, what you want for Christmas. We’ll choose the best answers and let you choose what you want.

That’s right, I said answers. We have four pairs of ear warmers and two pairs of gloves, so there will be multiple winners. Here’s how we’ll dole things out.

The person who submits the best answer will get their choice of what they want. They can choose both things if they want. The person who submits the second-best answer will get to choose next. We’ll go on until there’s nothing left.

Please make sure you include your email address when you comment, so we can contact you.

Finally, your best shot to win is to be creative and say something more than “for the Packers to make the playoffs.” Humor is appreciated.

We’ll close the contest on Christmas day at some point, depending on how drunk we get.

Good luck.