Mike McCarthy


Although Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy gave his usual there’s-nothing-to-see-here, I’m-right-and-you’re-wrong explanation, that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be questioned for the way he handled the end of the Packers loss to the New England Patriots.

As you probably know, with more than 20 seconds left and no time outs, the Packers faced a fourth-and-1, down by four. Quarterback Matt Flynn managed to get one play off, got sacked and the game was over. The Packers only got three plays off in the final 53 seconds.

The final play took so long because Flynn was calling it as the clock ticked down. In other words, the Packers weren’t prepared and it’s their coach’s job to make sure that doesn’t happen.

You’d think when the Packers took their final time out, they would have called several plays, knowing the clock was likely to keep moving from that time forward. So why didn’t that happen?

After the game, McCarthy suggested he was happy with the way the end of the game played out.

“It was either first down or fourth down,” McCarthy said. “The clock was running. There were 20, 21 seconds let. You have to see at that point if it’s a first down. It wasn’t clear right away. So on fourth and 1, you take a shot. Matt operated it properly.”

Flynn operated it properly only because the team wasn’t prepared for the scenario that played out. The Packers should have had a play called so they could have lined up and had time for one or two more plays if they picked up the first down.

Instead, it took the offense 18 seconds to even get set, which I would say is borderline unacceptable, at best.

PFT’s Gregg Rosenthal had the same take.

The Packers should have had a plan for what they would do if they were short of a first down in that scenario. They could have dove for a first down, clocked it, and huddled before the final play. They could have thrown to the sideline and taken a couple cracks at a score.

It’s no secret McCarthy has issues with clock management. You need look no further than the end of the Packers loss to the Chicago Bears, earlier this year.

What makes the situation more frustrating is McCarthy’s defiant attitude about it. Frankly, if you think the way the end of the game played out was acceptable, you’re a fucking idiot.

So, either McCarthy is dumb or he thinks we are. Otherwise, he wouldn’t keep trying to serve up these steaming I-know-it-all pile-of-crap statements.

Mike, overall, you coached a great game, but face it already. You have issues.

Correct them.