Guest Post
Brett Favre

This guy needs a wake-up call

Can someone send an S.O.S. to Minnesota Vikings coach Leslie Frazier and his staff? A telegraph of sorts on behalf of the grizzled grandpa himself, Brett Favre?

Something like this:


Your old-ass quarterback has done broked himself again. Really bad, this time. He can’t think straight, and that robotic arm you implanted in him in order to push him out there against Chicago hurts again. He lacks sense in protecting himself on the field and can’t seem to hang up the ‘ol cleats. Someone needs to.


Anyone who doesn’t work for ESPN

Seriously though, someone needs to knock some sense into both Favre and the Vikings coaching staff.

Frazier said the team hasn’t ruled Favre out for the season, despite the concussion he suffered against the Bears on Monday night.

This, on top of strained shoulder that kept him out of the Giants’ game, breaking his 297-game iron man streak.

I’m sorry, but the old man is broken.

Vikings beat writer Judd Zulgad shared a similar sentiment:

“Vikings would be smart to put Favre on IR today. They need to remove any chance he plays again or he’s going to risk a major injury. I say that because watching him last night it’s clear he can’t protect himself and that’s not a safe situation for any player.”

Makes sense.

The now 41-year-old quarterback has never been good at protecting himself. He’s too old to continue that trend.

Besides, what are the Vikings even playing for at this point? Pride?

Love or hate him, Brett Favre doesn’t need to play for pride anymore.

Frazier, apparently, disagrees, saying Favre has “proven time and again that he’s capable of coming back and playing again.”

For a quarter, maybe less?

Frazier has more or less disregarded Favre’s concussion.

“When you look at the history, it’s rare guys are able to come back with a short week,” Frazier said. “You wouldn’t think it would be possible, but there are other things you wouldn’t think would be possible with Brett.”

This isn’t about saving face with Zygi Wilf for Frazier. He’s been one of the most-mentioned names among future NFL head coaches in the past two years, he shouldn’t have any problem finding a job.

The Vikings, perhaps with direction from above, play-hard-until-the-end mantra is all about winning a new stadium from the state Legislature.

Fortunately, they have a guy who doesn’t know when to say when.

In fact, he can’t say when, and he’s putting the rest of his life in jeopardy for a god awful team he mistakenly made a commitment to four months ago.

Enough already.

Leslie, cut your losses, put Favre on IR and send Joe Webb out for the final two massacres this season.

It’s time for Frazier and the Vikings to start looking to 2011.