Aaron Rodgers

Rodgers could be cleared if he passes medical tests tomorrow.

Just about everyone was ready to declare quarterback Aaron Rodgers a no go for the Green Bay Packers’ game against the New England Patriots.

Not so fast.

Today, Rodgers attended practice for the first time since suffering a concussion on Sunday. Coach Mike McCarthy said Rodgers is working his way through the medical process, the first step of which was being cleared for a cardiovascular workout.

“He’s progressing through the medical process. He was able to attend probably three-quarters of the practice today, and he’ll continue to work through that process today and tomorrow,” McCarthy said. “I’m hopeful to make a decision by tomorrow, but the door is open for Aaron Rodgers to play in the game. It really comes down to two things. No. 1, he has to be cleared medically, and Dr. John Gray will have the final say on that. And if he does make it to that point, then myself will make a decision on whether he plays or not. Right now he’s still working through the medical part.”

Obviously, Rodgers was cleared for the workout, today. McCarthy said earlier in the week he’d make a decision on Rodgers on Saturday. If the quarterback was unable to start testing today, he would have no chance of playing Sunday, based on McCarthy’s timetable.

The second step of the medical process — Rodgers shows no affects of the concussion the day after the cardiovascular workout — should ultimately determine whether he gets the green light.

One positive sign — Rodgers doesn’t appear to be showing any visible signs of the concussion.

“He looks good, would like to play. But once again, him and Dr. John Gray are working through this, and until he’s cleared medically, then it comes to me,” McCarthy said.

Matt Flynn, who’s taken all the practice reps with the No. 1 offense this week, would start if Rodgers can’t go.