Ah, to be young, talentless and rich.

Stop the presses, people!

There was a Jonas brother at the Green Bay Packers game on Sunday. Specifically, it was Joe.

Yeah, I know. I don’t care either.

I’ve never heard it, but I’ve been told Joe and his brothers play some sort of bullshit, teeny-bopper music that makes young girls swoon.

That being said, I was impressed by Jonas’ arm candy — Ashley Greene and Jessica Szohr.

Well done, sir!

I had to look this up, but Greene was in Twilight and Szohr is on Gossip Girl, which like Jonas’ music, are two things that will never be on in my household.

I’m not sure why these guys were at the game. I don’t know if their allegiance lies with the Packers or the New York Giants.

If anyone would like to enlighten me, please feel free.

In the meantime, let’s familiarize ourselves with Ashley Greene and Jessica Szohr a little bit more.

Yes, I have wood.

Update: As several people have now pointed out to me, Szohr is from Menomonee Falls. I also heard a rumor she was spotted at a Bucks game with Aaron Rodgers, so… speculate away.